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The following is a quick video demonstrating how to fill the balloon

Blowing up the Balloon For Farms

This page is meant to help you understand how to blow up a balloon.

It is recommended to have at least two people for blowing up the balloon.

What is needed to blow-up the Farm Visit balloon?

  • Balloon.
  • Anchor Bag. We supply this bag along with the balloon. This is an specially made bag that allows the rope to be securely tied to it. It is recommended to use this bag to anchor your balloon to the ground. Look at the image on the side.
  • Multiple Sand Bags. Once the balloon is filled you need to secure it with multiple sand bags. Make sure you have the sand bags filled and ready before you fill the balloon. You would need to have multiple sand bags to secure the anchor bag to the ground. This way you can ensure that you can secure the balloon properly.
  • Gas regulator (for Helium Cylinder). You need a gas regulator with a hose to allow you to fill the balloon. You do not need a high precision regulator, and a cheaper model would be sufficient. The model displayed in the pictures was purchased for $55. Click on the picture to view a bigger picture.
  • Long enough rope. When the balloon is filled, it will fly away. You need to ensure that you have the rope before hand so you could tie it down.
  • Canvas (for blowing up the balloon). This ensures that the ball does not get punctured when spread on the ground.
  • Cylinder of Helium big enough to fill up a 10 feet balloon. There are number of companies that sell Helium and you can ask the supplier to give you a big enough cylinder to fill a 10 feet balloon.

    Steps for blowing up the balloon:

    1) Spread your canvas near the place where you wish to locate your balloon.

    2) Fill your anchor bag and securely close the bag. Also fill your extra sand bags and securely close them.

    4) Spread the balloon on the canvas.

    5) Tie the rope around the anchor bag securely as shown in the picture

    6) Securely tie the rope to lines of the balloon.

    7) Attach your regulator to the helium cylinder and insert the hose into the mouth of the balloon.

    8) Hold the mouth of the balloon securely around the hose that was inserted.

    9) Have the regulator turned on and allow for the Helium to flow into the balloon. Once it is fully inflated, you can hold the top of the mouth, remove the hose and securely tie the mouth of the balloon.

    Keep in mind that even though it flies, it is not a rocket science. You are blowing up a big balloon. Simply make sure you take the necessary precautions and operate responsibly. Do not over blow the balloon, the material is not meant to be stretched.

    Click here to order

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